Friday, January 8, 2010

I sketched this picture using a pencil and charcoal of my sun room. I sat on the couch looking at this view and sketched what I saw. Then I gently colored in the things in the room with color using colored pencils.

I sketched this picture using a pencil shading. Then I went over the lines with a charcoal pancil. Then I colored the less important aspects of the picture to make the face stand out more.

This is my final project on boundries. First, I wrote the word "FEAR" in ways that could barely be read to represent fear and boundries. I wrote in oil pastels. Then I used water color to hide the fear and cover the fear, but the fear still came out because of the reaction with the water color and oil pastels. Then to cover it again I used tissue paper and a clear coating. The tissue paper stick in a mosaic type of way. Finally, to recreate the boundries I used a silver marker around the tissue paper. If you hold the project to the light you can still see the words "FEAR" written.

This picture was painted to show anger. I started of mixing and dripping liquid water colors into a random design. Then I painted red lines to represent anger. I painted the lines everywhere and in a tangled design to represent the fact that anger is so much of a disease that you can get caught up in and cant get out of. I then used a clear coating to preserve my anger and keep the anger where it was-on the page.

This painting also represents boundries. First liquid water color was dropped on the page in lines to represent the boundries. Using water, the boundries were covered and could be seen but were very blurry. Then I took a mixture of paint and water and covered the page completely. THrough the paint you can still see the boundires but they are covered and forgotten.

This is four different paintings. The first painting was different lines etc. to represent boundries. It was made using oil paints. The next paper was placed face down on top of the previous to make an imprint of the lines, but showed that they were fading and were not as prevelant. I added more lines or boundries to that sheet and repeated this process until I got the four papers. I then went back and added lines using oil pastels and other paints to show the prevelant and bold boundries could be erased but could clearly and definitely be back.

The Sun

First I took water colors and painted clouds on the whole page. I then used oil pastels to blend them together. Then I took oil paint and created a sunset. I blended all the colors together. I then used paint to make the colors bolder. I then used letters from beads and wrote the word "dream" on the bottom of the page. The dream represents being fearless and being invincible in the clouds and in the sky of the new day.